Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 5

I've been limiting my computer time to when Isaac is asleep so I haven't been able to update in a couple days. I've been looking through all the comments and messages on facebook, we feel very loved by everyone. We thank everyone for all your love, support and prayers. We can't wait to show Isaac, one day when he understands, all the loving words everyone has said to him and about him.
I have been updating on what we have been doing, but I wanted to update on how we have been doing.
Our first day with Isaac was very exciting, we did not know what to expect and so we were just feeling him out. We are now on Day 5 and starting to figure out his routine a little better.
Physically Isaac is doing really well. The first day we found some fungus on his scalp, explosive diarrhea and he had a cough. We went to the doctor on our second day to have him checked out. We were able to get a prescription for some fungus cream for his scalp, which is already clearing up. They did some blood work on him which we are still waiting results on. I had to make Arnie hold him and take him in to give the blood. I know I'm a nurse, but this is my son and the thought of inflicting pain on him is awful. I sat outside the room and bawled when I heard him crying. He did so well though, he only cried for a few minutes when they were finding the vein, then Arnie was able to calm him down. I think the best part was seeing Arnie hold him and rock him. I could hear him saying , "It's ok, Dada is here." Of course this added to my tears again! The doctor wanted to put him on antibiotics for his cough but we have decided against that. We are bringing him back monday to do an x-ray and will only use antibiotics if it's an infection or pneumonia. I am sure it is just a cold and I can tell it is starting to clear up already. He is drinking lots of breast milk so that will help him with his immunity. As far as the poo situation, we thought he had parasites. We brought in a stool sample and got the results yesterday that it was all clear! I think the transition of food and milk caused him to have the runs, today is is already starting to harden up. Arnie said he prayed for him, that he wouldn't have parasites, we thank God for answering this prayer.
Developmentally, we see Isaac as more of a 6 month old. He did not use his legs in the orphanage as he would go from crib to bumbo and back. The first day we held him, we held him up to walk, he just cried at us and lifted his legs. We have been helping him jump in our laps to help develop his leg muscles. We put him on the couch with us and let him hold on the side, he stood for the first time without us holding him up! HE was leaning on the couch but we were excited to see him use his legs. We finally put him down on the ground and he slithered his way around on his belly. He doesn't like to crawl yet but we play a lot on the bed where he crawls all over us. He likes to crawl on top of us and we help him to put his knees under his belly to try and crawl. He also can not sit unsupported, unless he has a hand on the floor. His core muscles are very weak. We haven't worked on this much as he doesn't spend much time on the floor, but I figure all the crawling on us and jumping in our laps will help with that. He says, "Mama" and "Dada". We aren't sure if he knows that those names belong to us, but I caught him looking for Arnie yesterday. Arnie stepped out for a second and he slithered his way to the bedroom calling "Dada". He loves saying "ADA" he pronounces the D really loudly. He loves making mouth noises, smacking his lips and smooshing them. He grasps objects and loves to chew on toys.
Emotionally, the first few days had little emotion. He did not cry but also did not laugh. He smiled at us but didn't fully let go. He did not cry for food or give any sign of when he was hungry. He seemed very at ease to have us giving him so much attention but when I look back, I think he was a little shell shocked. Today he found his vocal cords and has been whining more and crying for things. Although it is hard to know how to handle, we are so happy he is telling us his needs. We are working on a few things with him; spitting and swatting us in the face. We say no or nice and hold his arm. He does not cry but usually stares at us blankly. Usually he stops what he is doing, I think we are just getting his attention. Physically he does not know how to cuddle, but we are trying to teach him. He gets very excited if we put him down and then say, "Na" which means come here. We clap our hands and hold them out. He starts bouncing up and down and breathing excitedly. He will reach out a hand to us and laugh. I love when he does this. IT is almost worth putting him down to see him do this.
He is showing good signs of attachment but it is still very early. We feel so blessed that he already seems to really enjoy us. He chooses to crawl to us and loves to be held and played with. I noticed the first few days that he seemed confused when he woke up from naps. He would look around with a blank face and then stare at us. He would look at me then Arnie. I'm sure he wakes up confused, but it doesn't take long for him to get into play mode with us again. We are trying to teach him to cuddle after he wakes up and today for the first time he laid his head on my shoulder. He loves being touched. Arnie will pet his hand or forehead and he falls asleep easily this way. We always have a hand on him and he doesn't seem to mind. He usually does not reject kisses and loves Arnie's scruffy beard on his neck. HE also allows us to hold him in cradle position and rock him to sleep.

I always thought that attachment things were for the child to attach to you but I am learning that it is also for the parent to attach to the child. He is very cute and we love him, but we work toward a forever bond with him. When you give birth there are hormones involved as well as nine months of growth from inside your own body. By wearing Isaac in a sling, we are creating a bond that is not naturally there. We feel very protective over him, but we know it will take time for it to really sink in that he is ours. Today we both said we felt excited to be his parents. We are excited to finally be a family and do things together.
Whenever Arnie wears him, yes we take turns, everyone always stares at him. The women typically wear the baby on their back so it is unusual to see a man with a baby strapped to him. I love seeing him wear Isaac. I feel I get to love my husband in a new way. When he takes care of our son, I love him on a whole new level.

Isaac's goodbye ceremony at the orphanage. We got to say thank-you to all the beautiful nannies who cared for him for 8 months.

Thats all for now, the boy is awake!


  1. Wow sounds like things are going great and he is really attaching to you!! Isn't it great to finally do things as a family!!


  2. I keep checking back for another update, but I know you are busy and the Internet is spotty. So glad to read things are going well!