Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day one, Forever Family Day

Yesterday was our first day with Isaac. We weren't sure how he would do so we were prepared for the worst... we were so wrong. Our first day as a family was perfect! We went at 9am to the orphanage. We immediately went and got Isaac out of bed. We were able to put our clothes on him and we both carried him around for about an hour. We found out his routine from his nanny and she showed us the food they cook for him. The routine didn't really stash up to what we saw but it was a good general guideline. We didn't want to stay too long as we were excited to start our adventures as a forever family. We said goodbye to everyone, it was clear to see that his nannies loved him! We will be going back on saturday to have an official coffee ceremony.
We said goodbye to the orphanage for Isaac's last time spending the night there. I was so happy to tell him it was no longer his home, but he now belonged to his mama and papa.
We headed home in a van. There are no carseats here so I go to carry him in my sling in the back seat. He looked out the windows in a daze the entire ride, not even a peep out of him.
We went to our room and laid down on the bed. We played with a few toys and just spent time together. We gave him his first bath in the sink just to get the orphanage smell off of him. I suppose we just wanted him to smell like us. Around noon we gave him a bottle of boobie milk, he drank the whole thing down and then fell asleep in Arnie's arms. We were a little choked that he fell asleep so soon after getting home and we contemplated waking him up!
After his nap we spent more time playing, he ate another bottle and we just hung out. We had to fails our first day. Arnie was playing the finger biting game, which Isaac loves, and he accidently chomped down on his finger. This was the only time our first day that Isaac cried. Arnie felt awful but regardless of being hurt by Daddy, he still loved him! Our second fail came when it was time to change his poopy diaper. Parasite poo has a smell that just makes you sick. It was liquid and he had his hand and foot in the poo before we could clean it all up. Second bath of the day happened at this point. He is such a trooper, he loves the water and did not complain one bit about the bath! Around dinner time we went for a walk down the street to get a cold drink. I got to wear him in the sling again! I love going out with him in the sling. He is so tiny and fits nice and snug in it. This was one of the things I looked forward to when we got him. He fell asleep at 6 in the sling so we headed home and laid him down. We woke him up after an hour to feed him. He ate spinach, apple and rutabaga baby food! He has never tasted spinach before but was such a good sport and ate the whole thing! After this we played a bit more, but he was so tired he fell asleep on Daddy.
We weren't sure what to expect for the night and figured since we had gotten off the hook for the day that we should brace ourselves for the worst. He went to sleep at 8. Arnie and I stayed up for a bit after him, we kept checking on his every few minutes as he would roll around a little and we were worried about him falling off the bed. It was hard to fall asleep as we laid staring at him and then when we did it was a very light sleep. Arnie was awake for most of the night not because Isaac was awake but I think to make sure we were all ok. We woke up at 2 and dreamfed him a bottle. He then woke up at about 6 and I gave him another bottle as he was half asleep. He woke up for good at about 630! We couldn't believe how well he slept. It really is a miracle. We are hoping we get a better sleep tonight!


  1. Oh, Bekah, what a magical first "family day"! Thank you, God, for your grace and mercy in giving them these special first "easy" days! No matter what lies ahead, I know you and Arnie will be equipped to handle anything that comes. And I'm praying Isaac's transition will continue to be smooth.
    Ps. I'm so glad he took your milk without trouble! Now to get him drinking straight from the tap! Lol

  2. It sounds like he is doing amazingly well! And you sound like typical first time parents, staying awake to stare at him and hearing every noise he makes... you will settle in yet!

  3. Oh I remember the first diaper Glad things are going well!!

  4. So wonderful!!!!! I am so happy for you. Love the pics of your first day together!!!


  5. So do wonderful!!!! Si happy it is going so well. He is probably just soaking in all that love!:).