Sunday, April 28, 2013

On the mend and visit number 2

We are feeling better. I would be completely better if it weren't for the side effects of this medication, but at least I know it's killing the parasite! Everything tastes like metal and I have a slight nausea all day. Arnie was still fairly sick yesterday and continues with his stomach issues, but we were able to get him some Cipro and he is getting better. I love that you don't need a prescription for medications here! We walked across the street to the pharmacy and they gave him what we asked for... I was so happy I wanted to kiss the man.
But let's get to the good stuff... we saw Isaac again.
This was the visit we had begged for. We were only supposed to come once before court but since we had 4 days in between, Arnie called and asked for another visit. The lady reluctantly agreed to one more little visit. We chose to go yesterday afternoon. I don't think anyone was expecting us and at first I think they thought we were there for after court and brought Isaac outside. They passed him to our car driver... I'm not sure why haha and we just stood there touching him and talking to him. The car driver went to pass him to me but I had to say no since I did not want to get into trouble. We then went into the baby room and they sat him in his bumbo. We sat on the mattress on the floor. They nannies started to bring out all the babies... they surrounded me with babies!!!! I had six around me including Isaac. One little girl crawled over to me and laid her head on my leg. She didn't move, she just laid there. It was too much for me to bare... I rubbed her back for about 20 minutes and she did not move. I was allowed to hold all the other babies just not Isaac. I was loving all the baby love, they are the cutest in the world. All my life, since I was young, this has been my dream. I wanted to open an orphanage... maybe one day I still will, but this was heaven to me. Arnie and I played with Isaac our silly games which he loved. He had no problem with us today. I notice he loves to be held and he likes getting attention but I don't think he has any particular attachment to anyone yet. The nannies have a large fly brush for the babies. It looks like a broom with plastic bags on the end. They would swish it on Isaac's face and he would make the funniest face as if he were telling them off. This is my favorite face he makes. I'm going to ask them to do it to him when we can actually take and post pictures! It's the best... but then again I think everything he has done is the best!!!
I remember reading the Christmas story this past year and I read about the part when Mary found out she was pregant... she went away for a while and "stored up treasures in her herat". I was reminded of this yesterday. Mary held a in her heart the knowledge of her pregnancy and just cherished it. To be vague: I am holding a few things in my heart from yesterday as well :)
We go tomorrow for court. I can't wait. I'm taking a direct cab to the orphanage and running through those doors straight to Isaac. Please pray we pass and that nothing gets in our way. I can't wait. We both miss him so much and I just want to post his pictures already!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you were feeling well enough to go for your visit! What cherished memories you are making... Can't wait to read you have passed court!

  2. We are praying for you as you head to court and this journey really begins!

    I read this post and remembered these moments in China, where we saw all the little orphans needing love and family... this is the moment that every thing changes and your eyes and heart is opened to something new and huge. There is no going back from what you have now seen!

    We can hardly wait to see photos!

  3. Bekah, I am drinking in these posts! CANNOT WAIT to hear your good court news! :D

  4. Soglad you are both n the mend! What a gift to see Isaac again! Praying often <3

  5. I LOVE reading these posts.. I will be thinking of you tomorrow (who am I kidding I have been thinking of you since you arrived there). GOOD LUCK!!

  6. Life changing isn't it... sitting on that floor, with babies soaking in all your love.. You will never be the same <3 those faces never leave my thoughts...

    we are praying for you guys...<3 cheers from Canada will be heard when he is placed in your arms...
    <3 Joni