Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Half way there

Two days ago we got on a plane to Hungary. We were able to get a good price on our flights as you have to fly through Europe in order to get to Africa. We figured it would be a good opportunity to stop in Hungary and spent some time with family. Truthfully, I wasn't that excited about the idea mostly because my mind was set on Africa and getting Isaac. I have to say though, I was so restless at home waiting for this court date that I am happy to be half way there!
Our flights went well, so well I'd have to say they have been the best international flights we have been on. I was nervous the entire day before we left. I think it was excitement knowing that the next time we stepped into our house, we would have our son with us. When we were checking in, it suddenly started to sink in that we were actually on our way to get Isaac. I just never thought this day would actually come... years and years of waiting and it's finally here... I can't describe how this feels.

Saying good bye to our family

Checking in our bags!!!

Good bye Edmonton!!!!!

We arrived in London Heathrow first, had a 1.5 hour layover and then we were off again.

We arrived in Munich, Germany with another 1.5 hour layover. Perfect amount of time to get something to eat, pump and find our gate. I couldn't have asked for better timing!

In Germany, looking a little more tired then when we left!!

Then we finally arrived in Hungary! We were greeted by our cousin and then began our 3 hour drive to  Csanad. By the time we walked in the door all I wanted to do was lay down flat. My back hurt from sitting so much but I was so happy our first leg was over. Thank-you for all your prayers, they were answered. We are safe and sound and could not have asked for better travels!!!!

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  1. Oh I know that feeling all to well!! Soak it all in!! Glad everything went smoothly and here's hoping the next part goes as well!! Please keep us all posted and can't wait to see your posts from Ethiopia!