Thursday, April 11, 2013

From Hungary

Arnie is always in charge of the plans when we get to Hungary... I happily follow behind. For some reason he likes to surprise everyone with his arrival rather than tell them beforehand. He only let our cousin, Gabi, know that we were coming as he is the one who picked us up in Budapest and whose house we stay at. We arrived in the evening and sleuthed  into town in the dark! The next morning we went around surprising the family. He said he doesn't like to tell them because then they will feel they have to do a huge welcoming committee and tons of meals and all that. He likes to just arrive and then visit people when he gets there.

our little coffee shop in the store

Surprising Grandpa

Surprising the Aunts and Uncles

Arnie had been on skype the day we left with our uncle and Marti, his son, came on Skype and said if we come to visit could we bring him a candy, a BIG candy. This is what we brought him haha! 

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  1. lol! It must be just crazy for them to suddenly see you on their steps. How fun!