Saturday, April 27, 2013


Well we are sick. We brushed our teeth with the water and ate at some random restaurant. We aren't sure which of these two made us sick, but we have not brushed our teeth again with tap water and we refuse to eat anything that seems a little sketchy. I woke up last night feeling incredibly nauseous. I spent the rest of the night in the bathroom puking. Arnie was sweet and woke up with me to make sure I was ok. By morning I was still sick. Then he started to get sick.
Before we left Edmonton we went out for a meal with an Ethiopian friend who told us all the ins and outs, including the Dr. he sees when he is here.
We had the Dr. number written down and decided to call. We got an appointment for 2pm. Although the Dr. did not take us in until 3, we were just grateful for him to see us. We had to do a stool sample to test for parasites. I'll leave out the next details, let's just say bathrooms here and collecting stool samples are not even close to the same as Canada. The bathroom had no toilet paper, soap or toilet seat.
Moving on, the Dr. called us in for the results about 20 min later. He turned to Arnie and said, "You are fine, you just have a GI infection. But you (turning to me) have an ameba."Great. Three days in and I have a parasite. He gave me a prescription for some parasite medication and quickly added the side effect was nausea. I almost didn't fill the prescription for fear of feeling nauseous all over again... worst feeling.
So here I sit, with my husband sick beside me and I am feeling a bit better myself. Although I hate being sick and today has been a long, hard day, I still have reason to be grateful. I am so grateful that today is not a day we are visiting Isaac or have court. Today was a free day so we could just lay around and be sick. I am also grateful that we had this Dr.'s number. He was so kind to us and helped us out when we would have had no idea where to turn for help. I am also grateful that Arnie and I could spend the day serving each other. We have been stuck in our room all day except when we went to the Dr. so we have been nursing each other. It's good to have an opportunity to be kind to each other.
Tomorrow we go to see Isaac again, this time we are going in the afternoon after nap time. Please pray for us that we will be well enough to go and visit our son. Nothing would keep me from him, but needing a toilet every 5 minutes makes going anywhere very difficult.


  1. oh no- praying for you guys as you heal! WE are thrilled to hear your news and that you are in Ethiopia safe and sound. I'm not sure if you remember us but we met you back in November when you met with Gordon and Dianne. And randomly, we also know Mikayla D. and Linda (can't remember her last name - Trenton's mom) as Riley is Dean of Students at CLBI where they both were this year. Small world:)
    We will have to catch up with you and ask you lots of questions when you get back as hopefully before fall we will travel for court...Anyways, blessings to you guys as you continue to get to know your son and become a family of 3!

  2. Oh glad you are feeling better? It's hard being sick when you are away from home. We ordered from Brunos a lot, and I mean A LOT!! They have the menu downstairs and you can have it delivered to the Guest house, it's located in the dreamliner hotel. Erik also had food delivered from and Indian restaurant, I can get the name for you if you need it. We never got sick from those places....


  3. Poor dear!!! :( so not fun but I'm glad you have each other there!! Prayin it is over quickly!! (mine was heh heh). Oh yes!!! If you travel/tour make sure you take toilet paper! I always had that and little hand wipes along. ;) love ya