Saturday, April 13, 2013

Earlier Today

We have been watching the kids while our cousins work. Usually their grandparents watch them, so this gives them a break. We headed to the town near by to go for coffee and to the market.

On our way home our car broke down. We pulled to the side of the road. My husband got out to look under the hood. They had changed the oil the previous day and plugged some type of filter. I can hear my husband praying out loud from in the car when a car going the other way pulled over. He came over and let us use his phone. Shortly into the conversation he lifted Arnie's arm and started translating the verse on his forearm! He later said that instantly he felt a spiritual connection . He started sharing his salvation story and left us with his number and a huge hug. How's that for answered prayer.  We hope to meet up with him later this week for lunch. Arnie was so touched by this, he couldn't believe that God would save us when we were stranded! We called Gabi at work, him and his brother drove down to rescue us. I didn't know how they would save us, I wondered if they had AMA or something like that.  Even Arnie had no idea what to do. They arrived in a small old school Audi and whipped out a rope with a hook on it. Legit Hungarian style! THe kids and I rode in the first car and we pulled Arnie and Gabi behind. I didn't know what to think. I kept looking out the window at Arnie, he seemed fine so I just sat back and tried to enjoy the ride. We went through 2 round abouts, where our car just about got side swiped. People here seem more forgiving towards doing odd things on the road so they slowed down and allowed us to pass. No hard feelings... I'm sure if we were in Canada we would have had like 50 honks, a few fingers and definitely reports to the police. At last we made it home safe and sound. When I asked Arnie how he felt about the ride, the truth came out... he said he almost pooped his pants haha! Maybe this is preparation for Ethiopia? 

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  1. What a story! Wild! So glad you are all safe and sound. How fun that you get to babysit your cousin's kids while you are in Hungary... I'm sure that helps pass the time quickly. Praying for you as you wait to go meet Isaac. <3