Sunday, July 10, 2011


A word that has been on my heart for at least two years. About two years ago our agency went bankrupt, during this time I was given a song, the word WAIT was heavy on me. I felt God saying, "Wait for me". I had a choice facing me, either I would listen and wait or I would try and fight for my own way.

Two years later that same word is in my mind. WAIT. Only it holds more meaning now. I have waited and therefore know what it means to wait, but I still have far to go to really learn what it fully means. To me it means: listen, watch and hope. Listen to what God is saying, follow where He leads and wait for his voice. Watch for God, watch and see what He will do and watch how He will turn all things to His glory. Wait with hope, never give up, do not try to take over, but always hope for what is to come.

Although this word is a hard one for me and it is one I often am sick of hearing,  I think when you truly dig into it, there is so much to be learned.

I mirror my situation with that of waiting for heaven. I am not responsible for the date I will arrive in heaven, I am not even responsible for what I will do after I am in heaven, but I am responsible on how I will wait for heaven. Will I waste my time or will I make the most of it? Will I keep my focus on earth or will I focus on eternity? You see I will never be done waiting while I am on this planet. I will continue to wait for God until the day He calls me home.

So when I think about this, I know I still have so much to learn.

It doesn't mean I don't desire my children, it means that I focus on Jesus while He desires them with me. It means I wait for His timing, and His plan. It means I wait with hope and faith as He slowly reveals His plan in this whole story.

Taken from our hike this weekend

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  1. Oh, this word! When I started to get restless and anxious on our adoption journey's... this was the word God would whisper to me and this one word, when from Him, held great peace.